Discussion: This book is kinda “Fluffy”

I was talking to my mom yesterday, who happens to be reading Whispers from the Cove, another book in our May book club list, and she mentioned that while it is keeping her attention it is definitely “fluffy”..

SIDE NOTE: Can I just say I am SUPER EXCITED that Jeanne Hardt has started another series!!!  I absolutely loved her Southern Sagas Series and was so bummed when it ended.  I could not wait to dive into her next  Civil-War era saga and started it yesterday.

but back to my mom’s fluffy comment.. It got me thinking…  What does “fluffy” mean to you??  Besides that cute creature that shows up outside my home office window everyday driving my cat to distraction.

 rabbit GIF

To me, if a book is described as “fluffy”,

  • it is meant to be a quick, easy read,
  • no deep thoughts
  • Pretty straightforward plotlines with the expected happy ending,
  • very little character development
  • you are left to fill in several gaps along the way

So when I say in a review that a book is Fluffy… that is what I mean..

What does “fluffy” in a book mean to you??


2 thoughts on “Discussion: This book is kinda “Fluffy”

  1. Excellent definition! Yes that pretty much sums it up!! Fluff is good in moderation, but I definitely need some intrigue, drama and even a few moments of internal confusion (who is doing what, where and with whom??) to keep my attention long term

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