Review: Highlander Unchained(The Highlander Trilogy) by Donna Fletcher

In May we started the Highlander Trilogy by Donna Fletcher. We were excited about this series since we have ranked the Macinnes Sisters Trilogy at number 5 on our “Fun and Saucey” series.  As Tammy would say, “yep, we’re reading it”!  This series is 3 books and 3 novellas in all.  The cool thing, and one of Tammy’s requirements to be a good series, is that Dawn and Cree are in each book in the series and their relationship continues to evolve.

Book 1, Highlander Unchained, introduces us to Cree, the biggest, brawniest, do-not-mess-with-me highlander around. His scowl makes everyone cower in the corner except Dawn.  Dawn brings an interesting twist we have not seen before in other books as she does not have a voice.  My ex-husband might have wished for that affliction to have struck me on more than one occasion, but this is like my worst nightmare.  Frankly I have way too much to say to everyone and anyone who will listen…..sometimes I even forget to breathe.





Dawn is pretty likable from the get go and you can’t help feeling for the poor girl right out of the gate. She gets stuck in the middle between the power hungry laird who forces her to take care of Cree when he is held prisoner.  I liked the way the communication develops between our eventual love birds, however Tammy took much longer to warm up to the process.  Relationship challenges and outside threats give you a break from lots and lots of steamy scenes.  The book ends too abruptly (for both Tammy and me), but rest assured Donna is forgiven quickly as you can purchase both books 1 & 2 through Kindle  for $5.99 and book 2 picks up right where we left off.





Substance factor is decent. There are some twists and turns that were unexpected.

Steam factor is pretty high. I mean it is a huge, sexy powerful highlander romance so what did you expect?  LOTS and LOTS of steaminess going on.   I mean c’mon does this woman never say no?  Does she never have a headache?

Series Dependency: Sorry folks, this one you need to read the entire series starting with the first book.

Overall, book 1 was good and will leave you wanting to dive right in to book 2. By the time you finish book 2 you will be invested enough to finish the series.



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