My Guilty Pleasure Exposed

When you have a friend like Tammy you have to be careful what you say as it can, and often does,  come back to bite you. This whole journey for me started back in 2014 when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life which is always best handled with lots of wine and girls night out.


Tammy could not stop prattling on about this book she was reading and her hot book boyfriend James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.  She was even dropping Gaelic terms at me, “you ken what I mean, Sassanach”?  So I went home that night, downloaded Outlander and it was all over from there.  As Tammy said in “This little one is walking” the journey to the next Outlander has taken on a life of it’s own, and I have loved every minute of said journey, however…. 

Prior to this blog, my family and friends had already noticed that my nose is almost constantly in a book.  (Is it really all that bad when your kids have to say “it’s green” at every stop light because you can’t put the book down?)  When asked what I like to read I have always safely hidden behind the statement “historical fiction”.  I even add some historically accurate piece of information or reference like “boy, the blood feud between the House of York and the House of Lancaster in 1464 was intense!” just to make it sound legit. Because, frankly,  I do have a reputation to protect.  I mean c’mon, do you really want people to know your reading bodice ripping romances??? NO!


I don’t really need to explain exactly how much history we have learned during our journey, but I could hold my own in Jeopardy thanks to this, just sayin’!(after all, this is really why we read these books ). Until Tammy’s brilliant idea (though Tammy would say it was mine) to actually begin this blog,  my secret has been safe thanks to Kindle reader and my attempt to bestow historical knowledge to those around me. Confession: I locked myself in my room to read Fifty Shades of Grey….that book never made it to the living room..  I certainly never intend to walk into my doctor’s office waiting room with a paperback cover of  a hunky highlander with a half clad woman hanging off him, although it might explain the high blood pressure! Bottom line… These book covers are killing me and this blog has outed me in a big way.   Even so, I can’t give up my guilty pleasure.


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Right now I hear my Mom’s voice saying “you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover”…um yeah Mom, cause nobody is going to understand what that muscled half naked man and the handcuffs are all about….

3 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure Exposed

  1. Lori…great post. I am glad you have decided to come “out”. Looking forward to sharing this journey of guilty pleasure reading with you.

    1. Appreciate the support Linda! So good to know that I am not alone…..thank goodness I did not reveal my reality tv binges!

  2. ooohhh! now there’s an idea.. reality TV blogging…. hmmmm… Great job on your first post by the way.. I completely agree with you “hiding the cover”. I actually had to filter by Christmas wish list this year to only include books with boring covers so as not to be judged..

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