Book List: May 2017 Planned Reading List Posted!


Our May reading list has been posted on the Book List Page!!!  Sorry Jenn but none of these books are available on audio yet 🙁

We have an aggressive reading agenda coming up with 11 books, but in all fairness 5 of them are novellas.. I am not really a fan of novellas as I am into long-term commitments… but these are part of a larger series with continuous characters, so I just view them as lengthy chapters to the series and not individual books and I get over it..:)

I do wonder what the motivation is on the author’s part to writing a bunch of novellas.. Does anyone have an opinion on that?? I would be curious to your thoughts. Why not just write one bigger book??

I personally have 2 books left to go in the current series I’m reading so I won’t be taking the plunge quite yet, but if you want to get a jump start, have at it…. well except for Lori, she can’t start them yet.. She is ALWAYS ahead of me and I can’t take the pressure right now.. I need to finish what I’m reading currently..

so Lori.. stay away from the book list!!!

In the meantime as we wait for May, how about we take a day and focus on each book.. I love to make predictions.. I am ALWAYS wrong and Lori is ALWAYS right.. sigh… but I keep trying, one day I will be able to say.. yep!  I saw that coming..

2 thoughts on “Book List: May 2017 Planned Reading List Posted!

  1. As ALWAYS your prediction is wrong as I am not ahead of you in our current book. It has taken me a while to get attached to the story since I could not find a link to the previous four in the series and the author does not make the characters so loveable you are hooked from the get go. Having said that the story is getting good and now I am into it. Be patient the connection is made around 50%.

    As far as novellas are concerned, I read them because they have some good connection to our main series and I usually love the characters but I often find myself wanting more. It is like having a sampler platter at a good restaurant…you get a nice taste but not enough to satisfy so you leave wanting more!

    1. Well, the first time if 2 years I am actually ahead of you, so forgive me if the prediction is wrong. I actually didn’t have any issue getting into the story, even though, you are right, it doesn’t link to the other characters, but.. be patient it does!!! (no spoilers though, so you have to read and see…

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