Review/Discussion: May 1- Let’s get started!

Ok, it’s May 1st and that means two things here at “finding my next outlander”!

First, it’s time to start our May reading list Lori and I are both starting the month out with Under the Approaching Dark by Anna Belfrage.  See my previous post for more information.  I am about 15% into it and so far it is pretty similar to book 2 with a lot of politics about the new young King Edward’s rise to power.  There has been far too little interaction between our beloved pair (Adam and Kit) to suit me at this point, but overall it is holding my attention and I look forward to seeing it play out.

Second, and probably more importantly, May 1st marks the birthday of our beloved Laird from the book that started this whole reading adventure, Outlander !!  What sort of fan would I be if I failed to acknowledge James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser’s 296th birthday today??!

Here’s to many more years of fun, love and obsession and maybe we will all be reading book 9 during Jamie’s 297th birthday?? that would be a perfect gift indeed!

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One thought on “Review/Discussion: May 1- Let’s get started!

  1. My May 1st reading is from the May Reading List…Whispers From The Cove Smokey Mountains Secrets Saga Book 1. I am at 9% and so far it is developing well and keeping my interest. Happy birthday JAMMF.

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