Ranking: Book Ranking while on the journey

Since the whole purpose of this blog is to chronicle the journey we are on toward “Finding my Next Outlander”, I thought it would be great to list our current ranking of book series we have read.. Mind you this is strictly personal opinion and is not meant to represent these are the only good series out there.. There are many honorable mentions which will probably show up in a blog post one day..

Using the Outlander Series as the stick by which all others are measured, it earns the permanent distinction of being ranked #1 in Favorite Book Series.. so our TOP 5 best series begins at #2.

We have found it difficult to compare Fun and Saucy Romances to Sweeping Epic Love Stories or Series with Substance as we lovingly call them here at Finding My Next Outlander, and feel it unjust to try to co-mingle these in our ranking, so Lori and I have broken our Top #5s into two key groups. “Series with Substance” and “Fun and Saucy” Check back often as you never know when a series will bump another out of the Top 5! (That is a fun day indeed for us here! We love to get sucked into that next great read!

As of today, below are our Top 5 book series…  Drum Roll please


Series with Substance (S/S)

  1.  OUTLANDER series by Diana Gabaldon
  2.  Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati
  3.  Hands of Time by Irina Shapiro
  4.  The Graham Saga by Anna Belfrage
  5.  Southern Secrets Saga by Jeanne Hardt
  6.  Wonderland Series by Irina Shapiro

Fun and Saucy Romances

  1. OUTLANDER series by Diana Gabaldon
  2. Clan Grant/HIghland Clan by Keira Montclair
  3. Brethren of the Coast by Barbara Devlin
  4. Morna’s Legacy by Bethany Claire
  5. MacInnes Sisters Trilogy by Donna Fletcher
  6. Chase Family Series by Lauren Royal

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