Book Review: Three wishes from the Seekers by John Jakes

After the doom, gloom and overall depressing story that was the Rebels I had three wishes for the 3rd installment of John Jakes Kent Family Chronicles.

  1. Bring on the Romance
  2. Please let Philip make ONE friend that doesn’t regret it with his life
  3. Let me finish before Lori…

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Book 2 ends with a quick and dirty little epilogue where things seemed to be settling down and resolving itself, so I went into book 3 feeling fairly confident I was going to get my wishes granted..

Alas… None of my wishes came true…SIGH….(the 3rd one almost never happens though, so not sure what I was thinking there anyway)…

Of the three books so far, I struggled the most with Book 3, The Seekers. At a time when the war was ending and we could begin to rebuild, the hope was there, but the actions of the characters were just so disappointing, I found myself unable to get behind any of them quite frankly. Aside from Philip’s youngest son, Gilbert, and the grandchildren Jared and Amanda,  all the main characters where just horrible. Everyone seemed to struggle with the golden rule.. “do unto others”. There was an underlying theme of guilt and self loathing that led these once  beloved characters into events and actions that were just plain tragic.

and no romance… marriages yes, but romance, love or passion.. Big Red X’s across the board..

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The positive.. we got to move on from a lot of plot points and progressed several years which brought us to new generations and quite an expansion of geographical locations and historical events.

I’m almost afraid to move on to book 4, but ever the optimist, it is downloaded and ready… onward and upward on this journey!





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