book review: Random thoughts after reading The Rebels

I made it through the 2nd installment of John Jakes The Kent Family Chronicles.. anyone who has read it already is familiar with the sense of accomplishment one feels after completing The Rebel, (although most of you probably don’t have the added pressure from Lori’s hourly “are you done yet?, where are you??” inquiries)

Book 2 picks up where Book 1 left off, which is the start of the American Revolution, battle, battle, and more battles later and we come to another section about… yep, you guessed it.. another battle… John Jakes does deliver it in a very historically accurate,(at least I hope so cause I have no shame in relaying very precise details about the American Revolution like my second job is a 9th grade history teacher to anyone who will listen) albeit graphic, gritty and gory detail.  I do feel that in order to accurately depict the events and situations of the time, Jakes sacrificed some of the relationships we fell in love with in book 1, but alas, one cannot have everything (at least that’s what my mom has always told me, but I still don’t understand why not??)`

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A review of book 2 is darn near impossible without dropping a spoiler or two, so I am going to just say… if you have read book 1, then you will regret not continuing with book 2.. so READ IT!!

Instead of a true book review, I thought I would share some random thoughts I had while reading.. (I needed something to divert me from the constant blood, death and gore)… Enjoy!

Random Thoughts while reading The Rebels….

  1. Never become Friends with Philip Kent- There are certain people in life that just bring a bad mojo.. he is one of them.. I wanted to scream “run” every time Philip got friendly with someone. It seldom ends well..

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  1. 1777 was known as the Triple 7 year… that is really cool.. how come we didn’t celebrate the triple 9 year and triple zero year??? are we too modern to get a kick out of that??
  2. Vinegar was the bomb back then– if Pinterest existed in 1776, everyone would have a pin of “100+ uses for vinegar on their boards.
  3. The resiliency of the human body is marveling. This is a concept in many books I read.. I personally believe it to be barbaric to attempt a tooth filling without ALL THE DRUGS so how people survive the brutality of amputation without SEDATIVE, is beyond me..  which brings me to #5,
  4. effects of alcohol- ok, I drink, (in some circles I’m actually considered a SME on the subject), but I do not understand the potency of alcohol back in the day.. ONE sip could put fairly big strong men into a stupor, at least a level to make them forget they are a complete and utter failure, or no longer feel a bullet wound plus several wolf attack marks, or care that their ARM IS BEING AMPUTATED!!!  I truly want to know where these people get their rum and whiskey.. cause I want some… no, I NEED some….

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5. Germans are big bad macho dudes- anyone that can teach a bunch of farmers and merchants how to load a musket in unison without using ANY ENGLISH.. well that is life changing.. no really.. it actually turned the direction of the war into our favor…

6. How in the world did we ever win that war??? I mean let’s face it, they were a bunch of farmers without an ounce of military training, most didn’t even have shoes, and food was considered a frivolity most of the time. The celebration of Independence has a renewed meaning for me for sure.

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Enough random ramblings.. according to Lori’s last post… I should be reading not writing.. talk to everyone after book #3.. the Seekers!

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