Book Review: Love Beyond Reach & The Winter Solstice(Novella)

I am so far ahead of Tammy in John Jakes Kent Family series I was told to simmer down and wait for her(man can she be pushy!). If I get too far ahead it makes our spirited debates difficult for me not to drop any big spoilers on her.  I am glad that we communicate through instant message which gives my brain time to catch up to my mouth.  Our debates have been pretty intense around the Kent Family series as we are not in complete agreement (insert collective gasp of shock).  I tried to fill my time with other endeavors, as I do wish to be a well-rounded person, walks on the beach, TV, internet shopping, Candy Crush but I was deep in book withdrawal…..ok so it was only 6 hours…..this is why we call it a book addiction people.


To fill the days (which feels like forever) while I wait for Tammy, I finished The Winter Solstice (A Hands of Time Novella) by Irina Shapiro and Love Beyond Reach (A Scottish Time Travel Romance): Book 8 Morna’s Legacy by Bethany Claire. Both are short, quick fluff reads.  If you are a fan of these series you will enjoy them both.  Morna’s Legacy is #4 on our Fun and Saucy Romances list.  Morna’s Book 8 fills in some holes by going back to Morna as a young girl and goes on to tell Morna and Jerry’s story.  I have always loved Jerry and wanted more of him.  Cool thing about this book is it is written from Morna’s POV, no surprise there, but also from Jerry’s POV as well which was a nice surprise.  Their tale sets us up for another story so we Morna Legacy fans will have more in the future.

Tammy and I read a lot and she is so good at remembering author names, the matching series and the characters in those stories. I am not Tammy.  Before the blog we had spreadsheets to keep everything straight (and no, that is not obsessive behavior I do not care what Dr. Phil says!).


My point is I do not always remember the characters based on the book title or author.  I was as excited as the first rum and diet on a Friday night when I started Winter Solstice and there was Alec and Valerie from the Hands of Time series.  Like any novella it was too short.  More book withdrawal is in my future.   We love these characters and the story which is why they are ranked #3 on our Series with Substance list.  This novella has us traveling through time once again to catch up on how Charles, Alec’s little brother, is fairing.  This novella will wet your whistle while dying of thirst on a desert, it’s necessary but will not leave you sated.  It was a nice visit but I want to go back for a much longer stay.


Now I am back to waiting for Tammy. I mean c’mon, what is more important?  My reading or her college classes, kids and husband?  Seems obvious to me and yes we need Dr. Phil to evaluate Tammy!

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  1. Ok, I’m a little jealous of your time management abilities and the fact that you have been able to read 3 books to my 1.. but to be fair, you started book 1 way before I did, but I am almost caught up to you now, so watch out! Now I have to find time to read these two little gems…

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