Book List: What we are Reading in June

The end of a month is always a fun time here at “Finding My Next Outlander” because that means the announcement of what we are reading for the upcoming month!

I need a break from historical romances, there.. I said it.. and I’m not sorry.. don’t get me wrong, I love them.. they are by far my favorite genre, I won’t stray for long, but sometimes I need to step away and focus a little deeper, (and not have to hide the book cover from polite society). Check out Lori’s post on “My Guilty Pleasure Exposed”.

I think June’s pick accomplishes that.


The Kent Family Chronicles (8 Book Series) by John Jakes
The Kent Family Chronicles (8 Book Series) by John Jakes

Lori’s not sold yet… I say…

I mean, come on, what’s not to get excited about!!

  • multi-generational same family saga– follow the build of a family dynasty through 200 years of history. I will read almost any series that continues with the same characters across books. So this one scores high potential in that dept.
  • American Revolution–  I think I am just excited that Turn:Washington Spies returns for its final season this month (June 17th), and this was a great to way gear up.


Seth Numrich is a real good reason to watch Turn: Washington Spies, if you aren’t already!
  • John Jakes is the author–  he brought us North and South…enough said.
  • It’s 4,676 pages over 8 books!!
  • All 8 books have an audio companion– You’re welcome Jenn 😉
  • The first book is titled The Bastard…how can it not be good???

So there it is… I’m ready to get started and will be chronicling my journey right here… Who’s in??? (sorry Lori, you don’t get to say nay, it’s in the blog admin’s contract…)




2 thoughts on “Book List: What we are Reading in June

  1. Read these when first published. I think you will congratulate yourself on a good pick! Happy reading.

    1. Thanks Deborah! I’m excited to get started, I love a lengthy saga and North and South is a long time favorite for me, so I have high hopes!

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