Audio Book Series Recommendations

Below are some book series I have enjoyed that are available on Audio. This list is particularly for my bestie Jenn!  Your welcome 🙂

The Bronze Horseman Trilogy by Paullina Simons


This is an epic story set in World War II Russia with continuous characters. Very good, book 2 drags a bit, but overall a solid series.  You will love the hero and heroine much as you do Jamie and Claire!

The Wonderland Series by Irina Shapiro


6 book series with continuous characters. This is a time travel series; the story primarily focuses on the characters lives while in 1600’s England although there is a bit of back and forth travel, it does not overly dwell on that aspect.  This is ranked in my Top 5 Series with Substance!


The Clan Grant and Highland Clan Series by Keira Montclair


This is an 8 book series set in Medieval Scotland, revolving around a Clan Chieftain and his family. Each book focuses on the love story of a different family member, so while it is not an epic series revolving around one set of characters, the characters are recurring throughout each other’s books which adds to the fun. After the first 8 the series continues with Highland clan, which is currently at 7 books, revolving around the Clan Grant children.

This is ranked in my Top 5 Just for the BR of It.  Love this series and look forward to each new release. It is more of a light and fun read with predictable plots, but a real pleasure nonetheless.

The Celtic Brooch Series by Katherine Lowry Logan


Very rich 6 books series (and counting), revolving around time travel to various times in American history. From the wagon trains west to the Civil War to WWII, each book focuses on a different character but the characters do support each other in all the books so it is a consistent cast throughout. This series does focus quite a bit of time in the present day however, the plot and characters are so richly developed that I don’t really mind.  This fact is what has kept it out of the Top 5 but is definitely a notable mention.

Morna’s Legacy by Bethany Claire


This is a super fun read and the audio is fantastic! The narrator does a great job with the Scottish accents and with 10 books in the series and more to come, this is one I look forward to when a new release comes around!  Set in historical Scotland, each book has it’s own hero and heroine, but the characters cross over into each other’s books and there is a fair amount of continuity.  This is ranked in my Top #5 Just for the BR of it, as they are very quick, easy reads with not an abundance of substance, but are a fun guilty pleasure read.

In The Land of the Long White Cloud Saga by Sarah Lark


A three book epic story with continuous characters. Set in 1800’s Australia this book takes you across generations and is very well developed in character and setting. The plot is slow in spots but overall, very enjoyable if looking for something with a bit of meat to it.

The Circle of Ceridwen Saga by Octavia Randolph


6 book series and counting set in Viking era. If you enjoy the TV show “Vikings”, I highly recommend, but even if you haven’t seen it, this story is a very well developed tale spanning generations but maintaining continuous characters. The detail and descriptions along with a solid plot make this a high recommendation!



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