Announcement: This little one is Walking!!



That’s right! This little blog is up and running on it’s own, we are an official website! I look at this as a 2nd step in our blogging adventure, where we are no longer stationary in the arms of beginner blogging, and are able to step out on our own a bit and really gain some much needed and desired functionality. Can’t was a really cool moment to click “SIGNUP” on our hosting website and see our little idea out there for the world to google!

This blogging adventure mirrors new parenthood in so many ways. Much like a living, breathing baby… (Wow! just typing that concept right now puts me in a cold sweat! My baby days are long past! well not LONG, but past.. yes, let’s just go with past).

For example,

  • eating cold meals– I will make dinner for the family then “the baby” will to call me. i.e. I need to make formatting changes or tweaks so I will disappear to “go blog” while I got a second, fast forward 2 hours..COLD dinner.
  • late need feedings– this little one wakes me up many nights in the form of an idea I HAVE to jot down for a future blog post, and keeps me up late exploring this new world and getting a chance to do something creative.
  • lack of social life– I much rather spend time in the blogosphere, or “researching” for future posts (That’s just a fancy way of saying “Curling up with a good book and glass of wine) and talking about what I love on here than go out for dinner and a movie.
  • all conversations revolve around the blog– my friends and family have been ssaintly as I seem to find a way to turn every conversation into “so on the blog…”

But also, like new parenthood, this blogging world is full of exciting firsts (first post, first follow, first like, first referral), unknowns (How the heck do you change the font color!?!?!), and learning new things (Can you say GIPHY!!). It may not be perfect, but it is ours as is the journey it is taking us on.. WE. ARE. LOVING. IT.

At any rate, we are so excited to share our new site with everyone (At least I think everyone migrated over.. fingers crossed). Please take a gander, click around and let us know if you see anything out of whack!

Check back often as Lori and I have lots of great ideas to expand our little obsession and really would love to hear from everyone, even if it’s just a comment to say Hi!

(We won’t turn away a “Love you guys!”, “You are great”, or “You have the best blog out there” either, just saying!!)


THANK YOU to you, our first followers, who have put up with daily layout changes, formatting updates and meager page content, we hope you have as much fun searching for that next Outlander as we are!

Happy Book Binge-ing,

Tammy and Lori

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