A couple years ago I read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series and absolutely fell in love… I mean REALLY fell in love with the story, characters, time period, locations, EVERYTHING.. it became (and still is frankly) an obsession. I take any opportunity I can to introduce someone to Outlander and have converted many a family and friend to the obsession.

After I finished the series I went into book withdrawal lamenting  “NOW WHAT????  what can I possibly read next that can touch the obsessive feelings from Outlander??

Well, I decided to go on a journey to find out!!

Lovingly dragging my very good friend  and now co-blogger Lori into the challenge of finding that next “feel good book series”,  we began reading.. ALOT!!, mainly sticking with the historical romance genre and often dabbling in time travel stories.  All this reading has led us to heated discussions, predictions, grievances and overall opinions of the books we read. Along the way we often times find ourselves forgetting about characters, or series we have discussed and wanted a place to track our thoughts and discussions and remember details or feelings from various book series we have read.

I also get asked all the time.. what are you reading now?? Have you found anything like Outlander I can read???

This desire prompted the development of this blog, a place to document our journey for that next book series that makes you leave everything else behind and just absorb into the book and characters, aka THE OUTLANDER FEELING..

Feel free to stop by, visit, and share your book favorites.  Jump in to any of our discussions around what we are reading, we would love to hear from you.

Join us in… Finding My Next Outlander…

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